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Funding Progress in Psychedelics and Drug Policy

We fund progress in psychedelics and drug policy.

Clarity Health Fund’s primary mission is to bring psychedelics into the wellness system as one of its most effective tools. We want to enable people to legally, safely and conveniently use psychedelics in environments that maximize their benefits.

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Why psychedelics are important

  1. Psychedelics have massive medical potential for conditions like PTSD, depression, alcoholism, obesity, and anxiety.

  2. Psychedelics might be able to increase the amount of innovation in the world. The economist and investor Eric Weinstein noted that psychedelics are the “open secret of what I call the hallucinogenic elite, whether it’s billionaires or Nobel laureates or inventors.”

  3. Psychedelics have potential to help people live flourishing lives. Relationship therapy, generally becoming happier, etc.

  4. Drug policy should be based on public health, not criminalization.

Now is the right time. Voters support decriminalization of drugs. Psychedelics continue to show massive medical promise.

Examples of the sorts of things we might like to give money to:

  • Ballot initiatives for state-level drug decriminalization, to shift drug policies to focusing on public health rather than criminalization.

  • Shifting political perfection of drug policy and psychedelics. Work on making drug decriminalization a default platform for serious politicians.

What we fund

We provide determined individuals with funding to accelerate progress in drug policy and beneficial psychedelic access. We’re focused on funding projects that can’t get funding elsewhere. We expect most applicants to be non-profits, as they find it harder to raise funding, but we’re also interested in funding for-profits by investing. We want to accelerate progress in this field in a thoughtful and efficient way.

We can only fund projects that are 100% legal, thanks for understanding.

We are particularly focused on the US but are open to worldwide projects.

We’re like the Pineapple Fund, but smaller and just for drug policy and psychedelics.

Our ideal grantee is someone either with lots of ideas who is highly determined but has no specific project, or someone with a specific project, who can paint to us a picture of why their project may be one of the most impactful things for progress in psychedelics and/or drug policy.

Approximate funds available: Up to $1 million USD. We’ll distribute this to the extent that impactful uses of capital are available. We won’t give this all away in the first batch, we’ll split it over multiple application batches, probably 2-5 batches. You can apply to every batch, and you could hypothetically get funding from us in every applicant batch. There’s zero downside of applying to every batch - in fact there’s upside, as the more times you apply the more funding you can get, and you avoid risking us giving away all of the funding before we get to your project.

Contribution size per funded project: No set amount.

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“RiverStyx Foundation is a friend of the Clarity Health Fund, we’ve gotten to know them and have appreciated their thoughtfulness, care, and generous networking as they move into this imperative field.” – Cody Swift

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