👩‍⚕️ Clarity Health Fund
Things That Would be Helpful To Us

If you’d like to do us a favor, we really appreciate it and the things we list on this page would be helpful to us.

  • Tell a person, author or community about us. Especially if they may know lots of people who may want to apply

  • Get a smart and determined friend to apply, even if they don’t have a project and weren’t considering working in this space full-time.

  • Send us cost-efficient lawyer suggestions of lawyers who can review all the people and organizations we end up accepting and validate that they’re all legal for us to fund

  • Tell a great project that needs early stage funding and cannot get it elsewhere about us

  • Tell a funder who may want to join us in funding these projects about us

  • Apply as an advisor to help out the projects that we fund - apply here

  • Share information with us that helps reduce any of our key uncertainties/questions (see below)

  • Submit for-profit or non-profit ideas/concepts that we should try and fund. If there are for-profit ways to solve these problems and you have facts or thoughts that may be relevant, we’d be particularly curious there - we’re believers in the power of for-profits and financial incentives.

  • Point out an important risk related to our project or projects we’d like to fund that we haven’t yet identified

Please contact us.

Some of Our Key Uncertainties and Questions

In General

  • What might the optimal drug policies for human health be? See our resources page for some things that have influenced our thinking.

  • What are the best ways to test new drug policies?

  • What are the highest leverage ways to enable convenient, therapeutic, safe and legal access to psychedelics for those who want access?

  • What is the primary bottleneck to making legal, convenient, and safe access to psilocybin and MDMA therapy accessible to those who desire it?

This fund

  • How should we deploy our fund (as a $ amount or a %) over time? How much should we allocate at the start, vs later on? We imagine that there’s some benefit of deploying some smaller % first. Then we can observe how that funding goes for a few months, and do a larger round with the benefits of the additional feedback from our first round of grantees. How much should we do in the first round of grants? How many rounds should we split the funds between? etc.

  • We imagine that because we’re funding legal projects only, that this is fully legal to do. Is there any legal risk that we haven’t considered or should be aware of, to us or the fundees?

  • Are there skilled and determined people who would work full-time in this area if funding was more available, that otherwise wouldn’t work on this full-time?

  • Are there high quality projects that can’t get funding elsewhere, that we can fund?

  • Can the projects we fund enable substantial progress?

  • Is there a better option to concentrate funding towards?

  • What might be the best way to maximize the impact of our funds towards our mission? (Related)

More questions on specific projects

Listed here.