👩‍⚕️ Clarity Health Fund
March 2019 Update: Apply Now for a Grant to Help Legalize Psychedelic Therapy

Nominations and applications are now open for the first Clarity Health Fund batch. We’re seeking nominations and applications from groups that can help the legal avilability and societal acceptance of psychedelic therapy. Please spread the word! And apply here. Applications for larger grants this round are due by 3pm PT on April 1.

We’re excited to introduce an experimental program where we’re giving out $1,000 USD grants to people working on legal projects, research, websites, videos etc that could be impactful for legalizing psychedelic therapy! We’re seeking applications from individuals that are already working on psychedelic therapy related projects, or that would like to. You can use the funds for whatever you’d like, other than repaying debt. You can be full-time or part-time on your project. These are $1,000 USD grants and we’d like to make at least 10 grants over the next few months. Legal applications only, and anyone that obviously violates this will be disqualified from this and future applications, sorry. The microgrants are for individuals only and the only requirement after receiving a grant is that you give us an update when we send you a follow up email. If you’re looking for a project idea, see some ideas we’re interested in funding. Please apply here. Applications for microgrants this round are due by 11am PT on March 27.