👩‍⚕️ Clarity Health Fund
Get a $1,000 Microgrant to Work on a Psychedelic Therapy Project

Who: Anyone who wants to help the legal availability and societal acceptance of guided therapeutic psychedelic experiences. We’d like to give grants to fast learning, determined, high integrity people. These grants are for individuals only, not organizations.

What: Get a $1,000 microgrant.

Why: It’s really hard to get non-profit funding without having an existing organizations. Once you have a developed organizations, it’s still hard to get donations, but it’s still easier compared to the earliest stages. So we’re trying this experiment to see if we can help seed more energetic, creative and determined people.


What sort of projects might get funded?

  • Series of YouTube videos with engaging and accurate summaries of the latest scientific research on psychedelics

  • Series of YouTube videos with information aimed at explaining how therapists can offer MDMA therapy legally as part of the compassionate use protocol

  • Research report that analyzes the most potentially impactful things to fund to advance the legal availability and societal acceptance of guided psychedelic experiences for therapeutic purposes

  • Series of talks given to sheriffs about psychedelic therapy

  • Series of video interviews with people who have started psychedelic societies to help people who want to start their own psychedelic societies learn from the advice of others

  • See here for more ideas we may be interested in funding.

What can I use the grants to pay for?

Any legal uses other than repaying debt. You can use them for travel, to fund your living expenses, to buy a new laptop, etc.

Does the project and use of funds have to be entirely legal?


Do I already need to have a project?


Do I already need to have an idea I’m committed to?

No. See here for ideas we may be interested in funding.

Do I need to be full-time?


When are applications for this first experimental round due?

11am PT on the 27th of March 2019.

How do I apply?

Read our information on how to apply.