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People With Projects

Who isn’t this for?

If you’ve already raised $ from others for a specific concept, this probably isn’t right for you.

If there are other suitable funds that actively fund work at your stage, this probably isn’t right for you.

Reasons to Not Apply

  • You’re likely to invest time into an application that doesn’t get funded. We’re saying no to most applicants. It’s possible we’ll have grant rounds where we say no to all applicants.

  • We might shortlist an application, ask follow up questions that take time to answer, and still not fund it.

  • We might change the application questions, invalidating draft applications. We’ll give as much heads up as possible.

  • We’re keeping our identities private.

  • We don’t have extensive grantmaking experience. So we might be slower to decide, slower to wire grants, and we might ask more questions before making decisions, while we’re learning how to do this well.

Who is this for?

Examples of the sorts of things we might like to give money to:

  • Ballot initiatives for state-level drug decriminalization, to shift from a criminalization focus to a public health focus for drug policy.

  • A project designed to shift mainstream political perception of drug decriminalization to being viewed by politicians and political influencers (e.g. large newspapers) as popular/sensible, so that this becomes a default platform for serious politicians.

  • Anything else that you think could be one of the most impactful things to work on to improve drug policy and benefits from psychedelics.

We look for projects that are:

  • Not really fundable by others (if you have rejection emails from other funders, that’s great!)

  • Possibility of really high impact. The bigger the possible impact if it works, the better. We’d like things that could have a potentially transformative impact. Read this to get a sense for how we evaluate problems/projects.

  • Unlikely to happen or slower to start/progress without our funding

  • Must be completely legal

  • Early stage and idea stage are great. Or even before idea stage

  • Non-profits and for-profits are both welcome

Note: We may fund multiple non-profits working on the same problem if we think that it is the most impactful thing to do.

Why seek funding from us

  1. Funding - get access to funding without needing wealthy friends.

  2. Peers - we’ll connect you with other high quality teams that we fund.

  3. Advisors - we’ll occasionally check in and ask about your biggest current challenges, and then if we know an advisor particularly suited to one of your key challenges, we’ll let you know.

Why apply, even if you’re not sure you’ll get accepted

  1. Clarify your thoughts - our application process will help you gain clarity.

  2. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

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