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People Without Projects

Please read this page that explains our thinking for why this is a good thing to work on.

If you don’t have a project we’d still like you to apply! You can apply with just an idea even if you haven’t started working on it yet, or even if you have multiple ideas and you haven’t picked one yet.

Maybe you want to take a 3 month sabbatical from work. Or maybe you want to do this as a summer internship.

We could fund you to work frugally in this space for 3 months full-time, to pick a project to start and start it. You’d work from where you are - we don’t have an office. It’s a non-profit grant so that you can afford 3 months full-time on this without working at a job. We’ll also match you with other people we accept, for peers and potential collaborators/co-founders. We can also point you to people who can help you with productivity and accountability.

You’d be focused on choosing a great idea/problem to work on - a drug policy or psychedelic related non-profit. We’d help you with this.

You’d share your research and progress with us. Then, at the end of three months, you’d either continue your selection process, commit to a project, or move onto something else.

Meet collaborators

Want to meet potential collaborators?

Fill out this form and if your submission looks promising we’ll make introductions to other people who submitted the form that you may benefit from meeting, e.g. as a future collaborator/co-founder/peer. This is a separate application from applying for funding.

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