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Why You Should Consider Working on This

This page is for people who are: interested in psychedelics and/or drugs/drug policy more than most people around you. But, you’re not yet certain it’s a good thing for you to work on it.

Psychedelics and drug policy are in their renaissance moment. And you can learn valuable skills and gain the satisfaction and respect that comes with contribution by working in this field.

It is much more possible to make progress on decriminalization or beneficial psychedelic access than most people think.

The key attributes required for working on this seem to be the capacity for determination/obsession, rigor of thought, and messaging/branding/persuasion (the latter perhaps being most learnable). And someone only needs to be strong at one of the three to be particularly suited to working on this - they can combine their strengths with those of others as a team.

If you’ve historically demonstrated that you’re capable of intellectual rigor, obsession/determination, and learning new things quickly - then you’re likely particularly suited to working on this and you can advance the cause.

This is a great area. Progress is valuable and possible.

If you’re highly interested this space and capable of high levels of determination, we want to hear from you. You don’t need to have a project.

It’s beneficial to apply now, create the option for yourself, and save yourself of the stress of any last minute applications. Then if you’re offered a spot, think hard about whether it’s a great thing for you to do. But for now, apply so that you have the option and minimize any potential regrets.

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