👩‍⚕️ Clarity Health Fund

Introduction People deserve better mental health treatments. Depression, anxiety, alcohol dependence, tobacco dependence, PTSD and other conditions afflict people you care about. Psychedelics and MDMA – currently illegal drugs – are extremely promising mental health medicines. We see a lack of funding at the earliest stages, in psychedelic research and drug policy. So we’re filling the gap with an early-stage fund for psychedelic and drug policy non-profits (we accept for-profits, too).

Behavior Change

Psychedelics seem like they’ll be great for behavior change medical conditions, like alcoholism and smoking addiction. We think they might also help behavior change related things that aren’t medical conditions. Getting fit, being nicer to their family, spending less time watching TV, sleeping better, etc. Anything that someone might want to change, but not be changing. We’re not sure, but we think the potential is high. “Imagine your brain as a snowy hill.

People Without Projects

Please read this page that explains our thinking for why this is a good thing to work on. If you don’t have a project we’d still like you to apply! You can apply with just an idea even if you haven’t started working on it yet, or even if you have multiple ideas and you haven’t picked one yet. Maybe you want to take a 3 month sabbatical from work.

People With Projects

Who isn’t this for? If you’ve already raised $ from others for a specific concept, this probably isn’t right for you. If there are other suitable funds that actively fund work at your stage, this probably isn’t right for you. Reasons to Not Apply You’re likely to invest time into an application that doesn’t get funded. We’re saying no to most applicants. It’s possible we’ll have grant rounds where we say no to all applicants.

Not Sure

If you’re not sure about drug policy and safe psychedelic access, please check out the videos below. To understand more about MDMA as a treatment for PTSD, read this article.